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Wedding Photography in blistering heat

We all worry about the weather on our wedding day, frequently checking our weather app in the final week hoping for no forecast of rain that could dampen our special day. But we live in Melbourne, where rain often comes from nowhere on the sunniest of days. On this day, for Tim and Jess' wedding, the reverse was true. The forecast was for 42 degrees and so we prayed for rain, lots of it.

When I turned up at the groom's house on the Saturday morning to photograph the groomsmen getting ready, it was already hot.  I came prepared with an eski full of ice and a dozen bottles of water. Tim and his groomsmen were getting their suits on in air conditioned comfort which made taking the preparation photos very comfortable, but when we popped outside for a group photo, all I heard was a synonymous "whoa..."

Then I was off to Jess' place where the bridesmaids were getting their makeup on.  No air conditioning there.  Full credit to them and the stylists for getting everybody ready and making them look and feel great despite the heat.  Looking out the window, I thought I glimpsed a cool change coming, but it was wishful thinking.

Toorak Uniting Church is a lovely grand chapel. The roomy interior and cathedral ceilings kept the 300 guests comfortable on this warm day. From a wedding photographer's point of view, this church is great because it offers so many vantage points that don't obstruct the guests. I can always shoot from behind the altar making for a great wedding kiss photo.

Tim and Jess wanted some candid photos of their bridal party engaged in daily activities like having a coffee at a Toorak Cafe.  So after the ceremony and some refreshments, we headed down to Urban Provedore on Toorak Road where the staff and other patrons were very accommodating of our bridal party taking over most of the cafe.  Thankfully the venue was air conditioned and it was a great break from the days actiivities.  Even Vanessa and I had time for a macaroon and drink!

As we headed back to the cars, I captured the bridal party laughing as they walked along the footpath and this was my favourite photo of the day - completely candid, totally natural with no awkward posing.  You'll see it in black and white as you view the album.

We went to the National Gallery of Victoria for photos at the iconic water wall. Being almost Christmas, the NGV had set up a large white Christmas tree behind the water wall which looked like a massive wedding cake, so that suited our purposes well.  Some brides may feel a little self conscious having their photos taken at public places due to the amount of attention it attracts and today I think we had at least 30 tourists take our photos!  But at the same time, the wedding dress also brought us some perks as the NGV security staff were very obliging and allowed us access to certain areas, generally not available to the public.

After a few photos around the Art Centre, we headed north to Carlton Gardens, but the shot I had planned was foiled by another wedding that was proceeding as we arrived. So Plan B kicked in and we moved our portrait session to the Royal Exhibition Building and Museum.  We got some great photos there as the clouds started to roll in and the cool change arrived!  By then, our location shots were complete and we were all pleased that we could head to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne for a break before the reception.

The Grand Hyatt staff were sensational providing us with a room and more importantly, a couple of ice buckets full of beverages. This set the scene for the night as everything from here proceeded in pure comfort.  We set up a photo booth for the guests, took a couple of mandatory selfies to test the booth, and enjoyed capturing the fun moments of the reception. Vanessa and I were given more ice cream cake than we could eat, which was a fitting end to a 14 hour photoshoot!  We had survived a 42 degree wedding day, achieved some awesome wedding photos then had our cake and ate it too.